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The Tuck Shop provides teas, coffees, hot chocolate and a range of cold drinks , plus hot food and a variety of sweets and chocolate.


The Tuck Shop is open when the Club is open for training and matches and raises a huge amount of money from the Saturday and Sunday openings whch is ploughed back into the Club to improve its facilities and football experience.


The Tuck Shop is run wholly by volunteers and would not run without them.


Volunteering in the Tuck Shop on Saturdays not only gives you the opportunity to contribute to the Club (it's one way of supporting your children's football club for those of you who don't want to have to explain the off-side rule or how to take a throw in), it is also good fun and gives you the chance to meet others involved with FYFC.


Sundays are reliant on the whole of the FYFC community supporting when it is your team's turn.  If your team cannot raise enough cover, the Tuck Shop will be closed - no tea, no coffee, no bacon roll on a cold and windy Sunday morning. Wouldn't you rather be inside anyway? 

As the Tuck Shop serves hot food, it is monitored by Waverley Borough Council's Enviromental Health team and has been awarded the highest rating for food hygiene - grade 5.

If you would like to help out in the Tuck Shop on a Saturday/Sunday morning, please get in touch with Emma Branson by emailing her at  The more helpers we have, the easier it is for all.  Don't forget when the rain is pouring and the wind is howling, you could be in the Tuck Shop with a hot cuppa!

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