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Please be aware that all your players should be registered with the club and have paid their subs for the year (or agreed payment terms with the club).


This is a pre-requisite for matches, so please ensure that your teams have the above completed before Monday 11th.


[U13 Hawks, I believe you need to have this done today in order to play on Saturday]

Mangers meeting and announcement of a new coaching partnership


We like to set up a managers meeting in the next two weeks so please fill out the doodle link below as to your preferred dates. We’ll host the meeting at the club but to bribe your attendance we will have the usual coffee and tea and I will bring some beers for those that want them! I will go with the date the majority can do


More exciting than that we want to update you on some new things for the season


1)     A NEW COACHING PARTNERSHIP WE HAVE FORMED WITH CHELSEA FC Foundation and what it means for you and your players

2)     NEW Club policies on steaming and training practices

3)     Support Required to evolve our new Football Development plan

4)     Share our new club managers guide with you and get some feedback

5)     A quick update on new rules and watch outs from the leagues for the season and usual club rotas etc for the tuck shop


I will aim to keep it short and we don’t aim to have too many of these during the season so if you can make the effort to attend this one it would be very much appreciated


All the best and regards


Alastair & Pete

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